Friday, January 21, 2005

Odds & Ends

I have moved to, and i have also migrated all posts and comments. YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE SO CHANGE YOUR BOOKMARLS/BLOGROLLS ACCORDINGLY!!!!

  • A VSAT was installed here on Monday, and as i've been attending amazingly long meetings out of the office most of the week, i've not had much time to take the link through its paces. Until now that is. Am surfing at pretty much obscene speeds

  • Agony is setting up a project for 11 years, deploying it on a 7 year journey waiting for aforementioned seven years then realizing some schmuck forgot to switch on the bloody thing

  • Judges in Malawi are on strike because they want bigger cars

  • My favourite clown, Nairobi Mayor Dick Wathika, was on TV yesterday. Parents who need examples to convince their errant offspring that "there is nothing in life you can't be, no matter who you are" need look no further than here. The gentleman was asked "Why is it that you always have 14,000 staff each year? Don't people retire, resign, die, etc?" His war-ship was hard pressed to answer that one!

  • Still on the Mayor, a chap in one of our prisons died while serving his term. Of the 7 years he was in jail, he was withdrawing a salary from the City Council!


Nairobi Mayor Dick Wathika is given detailed instructions on how to do the Macarena by an unidentified grandmother