Monday, January 17, 2005

State Of The Union

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Pro: The Kenya Police have a website
Con: It was designed by someone extremely graphically challenged. Despite there being no audio, some of the pages can be heard in underground bunkers
Pro: Bottom line: Somebody somewhere is really trying. Kudos to Brigadier Ali and his merry men

However I take exception with some of the things that the police do. For example, why was the Port Manager, one Brown Ondego, flown to Nairobi upon his arrest? I know for a fact if I was arrested my ass would be brought to Nairobi in a wheelbarrow or some other such contraption.

I also wish that the Police were not under the direct control of the Internal Security Minister, at least in an executive capacity. It's ridiculous to leave half (and quarter) witted ministers, as is amply demonstrated by the current cabinet, the power to order around the Police. It would be nice if they had complete autonomy, for example if Brigadier Ali reported directly to the president, or at least someone with more than a fleeting knowledge of the law like the Attorney General. The control of the Police cannot and should not be political otherwise the police will end up like a political weapon to oppress the people.

Also, Justice & Constitutional Affairs Minister Kiraitu Murungi yet again soiled the names of turncoats and chameleons all over the world when he dismissed Anglo Leasing as the "scandal that never was"

NARC = New Arses, Recycled Crap


A certain well known personality struggled with effort to remember: "Am I the President of USA, the President of Kenya or the President of Africa?"