Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Quality Control

I have moved to http://blog.thinkersroom.com, and i have also migrated all posts and comments. YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE SO CHANGE YOUR BOOKMARLS/BLOGROLLS ACCORDINGLY!!!!
<INFO>Just a shotgun post to gather views</INFO>

Looking at my site statistics informs me that more people visit now that they did some 4 months ago. Visits are increasing.

This pleases me.

Looking at the number comments left informs me that people comment less now than they used to. Some posts were unable to inspire a single comment.

This concerns me, especially factoring in that more people are passing through. Why am I concerned? Because I don't know if am hitting a chord or wasting your (and therefore my) time slaving over a hot stove -- er keyboard. In fact on that note

Blogging -> Cooking

Comments -> Compliments to the chef

No Comments -> The food sucked

This could mean one of the following:
  1. I post way too often which could result in
    1. No time for people to comment
    2. Familiarity breeding contempt
  2. Quality is descending, therefore there is nothing to be said
  3. I'm becoming predictable, therefore there is nothing new to be said
  4. Beginning to talk about stuff no one is interested in, therefore nothing to be said
  5. There are gremlins at blogger.com that wreak havoc
  6. None of the above

I cannot speak for other bloggers, and in fact am very skeptical about the concept of blogging 'just because you can'. Feedback matters to me. Perhaps I should cut down and post weekly...... Anyway, lemme know. I take critique very well.

Nonchalant 5 O'Clock