Monday, April 18, 2005

The Kibaki Meme

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Deno, over at Virtual Insanity threw a challenge my way. I duly comply (risking getting myself into a situation where I will have to avoid dropping soap in a certain well guarded communal shower)

1 a. Do u think Kibaki is LAZY?
Not really. He just has an acutely severe aversion to exertion of any kind
1 b. Give an instance of when he portrayed LAZINESS as president.
- Never reacts to anything (except when his driver drives away during a drizzle)
- Arrives at Sudan Peace Deal signing hours late
- Arrives at Donor Conferences hours late
- Refuses to take time out to address the nation on his visions
- Failed to go to Rome despite having NOTHING to do here
- Dancing ungracefully in coast while peace is being negociated in Sudan

2 a. What trait do u find the single most detrimental to the national cause?
Tolerance of mediocrity
2 b. Comment on it
Mediocre leaders voted in, poor work ethic, leading to poor service delivery (water, garbage collection, business registration), being late for engagements because of 'African Time', thereby making others late, half baked policies, shoddy workmanship (roads), etc

3. What is the most embarrassing thing, in your opinion, Lucy Kibaki has done?
- Snubbing Matere Keriri - so petty!!!
- Speaking for Kibaki -- can't he speak for himself?
- Talking through her hat -- whatdju mean 'there is no corruption in the Kibaki Government, it went out with KANU'
- Talking through her other hat -- 'Mimi kama Rais'
- Talking through her straw hat -- 'I have been voting for 40 years and am therefore the most qualified politician in Kenya'

4. Do you wonder where Wambui, the Hillary Rodham of Kenya, ever went to?
Not really. However sooner or later she will go shopping for 2Ply tissue and sugar under the glare of the camera like she did before

5. Do you care How much influence the First Lady has over decisions made by the president?
Of course! Since Kenyans elected HIM to office Kenyans expect HIM to make the decisions. If (God forbid) I wanted Lucy to articulate policy and make decisions for me in public fora, I'd vote for her (On that cold day in December when pigs fly and lions lie down with lambs)

6. What is the single most critical issue facing the Kenyan presidency today?
Inability to translate visions into tangible results

7. Did you vote in 2002 General Elections? (must answer). No excuses required.
No. But I was at NARC headquarters making sure rigging was not going on. Boy wasn't that a wasted Christmas!

8 a. Do you care?
8 b. Who else would you like to complete this meme
Kenyan Pundit, Bankelele, Githush, Guessaurus, Ms K, Nick, Mental, Afromusing, Maitha


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