Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ode To Aida

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Sitting here, this sunny day,
thinking of you, so far away,
maybe tomorrow, or maybe today,
I can find some words, for me to say,
to you, who makes me feel this way.

Countries and continents may lie between us,
but what I ask, could come between us?

The world of you I want to discover,
your very essence, your glorious wonder.

The depths of you I want to explore,
today, tomorrow and forever more.

I want to be so near to you,
adore you, admire you and revere you.

Of all the ways to pass the time:

I wish to see the curve of your smile,
I wish to be lost in the depths of your eyes.

I wish to whisper, into your ear,
my every thought, my wish and my fear

Lucky and blessed and nothing less,
is to know and love your sweet finesse

Even as I began this poem before,
I find right now, if I truly recall,
that I love you just a little bit more...