Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Geography For Absolute Dummies

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What is more ridiculous than powdered water? A Kenyan Tourism Minister who thinks Mt. Kilimanjaro is in Kenya

Amazed and bewildered travel agents listened in disbelief as the geography of East Africa was altered on the fly with fleeting regard to pesky international conventions like cartography and the United Nations.

While someone scrabbled for an atlas and surreptitious text messages were sent under tables to reassure the doubtful, Tourism Minister Morris Dzoro soldiered on like a Christian Soldier. Did I mention that he is the Tourism Minister, in charge of tourism?

Apparently I'm Kenya's Hillaire Belloc, or so thinks the BBC. I also have a "natty line in political satire".

{Award yourself 10 marks if you know who Hillaire Belloc is}

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