Monday, March 14, 2005

Water Bored

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ly The Nairobi Water Board is an interesting entity, misunderstood by many. It history is as chequered as Kasparov's tools of trade, but as far as can be discerned, their principal duties are to avail piped water to the residents of Nairobi. When it comes to this particular role, the view of the Nairobi Water Board seems to be that
You can provide some people with water some of the time, but you CANNOT provide all the people with water all of the time
It is a mantra that they have borne with pride throughout their lifetime of attempting to serve its customers.

The recent craze of business process re-engineering seems to have hit Kenyan companies by storm. Never one to be left out of what's happening, public enterprises are wasting no time in joining the bandwagon, and some are bending over backwards to be "with it". The Nairobi Water Board is not one to be left behind, and has embraced this new fad with gusto.

A direct result is that many residents, in innumerable localities, find themselves in the reluctant role of guinea pigs. In addition to its core competence, the (general) provision of water, the Board seems to have decided that since the Ministry Of Education has phased out music from the syllabus, an unsatisfied demand exists in the market. So it is with this regard that taps all over South B, to relieve the monotony of running water, produce a variety of melodious whistling sounds.

With the aid of some of my friends, as recently as last night I was able to play the National Anthem with the outside tap (soprano), kitchen tap (alto), bathroom tap (tenor) and shower(bass). The taps in the downstairs facilities provided the lower soprano). The beat was provided by the dripping servant's quarter tap.

In a burst of enthusiasm, the Nairobi Water Board has also suddenly decided that they fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry Of Transport, after some overzealous officials saw the unfortunate Tsunami in action earlier this year. As a result, they themselves obliged by duty and commitment to their customers welfare to abide by the new directives on speed. The direct result of this is that the steady rush of water we expect in our pipes has slowed to a gentle gush. To get water out of your taps is quite the effort. Just this morning I had to open the taps in full and place a 500 bob note on the bathtub to convince the water to come out, risking an long interview with one Aaron 'Indefatigable' Ringera.

Much as I am touched for their concern in making sure I'm not run over by speeding water, I'd like them to rest assured that I'd much rather take the risk and have the tank at the top of my house filled.

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