Friday, April 15, 2005

Back In Time

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Those of us who were obsessed with the 80s cult classic cartoon Transformers, where robots would turn into assorted vehicles and aircraft will be glad to know that there just may be a movie coming out! I await with bated breath.

On the same vein I'm also looking forward to Batman Begins. After that atrocious fiasco with George Clooney as Batman and Arnie Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze, the franchise can only improve. Batman & Robin is not only the most awful Batman movie, it is also one of the most awful movies of all time. With bollocks lines like these:
Mr Freeze (Arnie): (With ice gun in hand) Everybody ... CHILL!

It has no chance in heck! The Gothic, mysterious theme was lost completely in a kaleidoscope of mediocre plot, outfits and dialog! Nothing like Batman Forever, with Val Kilmer and Nicole Kidman. Now that was a much better movie, with a great soundtrack

And the last nostalgia inspired movie am waiting for keenly is the Fantastic Four

Yeah, I'm unapologetically a fan of cartoons and comics. So sue me!

Mwai Kibaki was some hours late for a donor's conference. He told an amazed audience the reason was that he had a cold


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