Wednesday, April 06, 2005

(M)ore on Uganda

I have moved to, and i have also migrated all posts and comments. YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE SO CHANGE YOUR BOOKMARLS/BLOGROLLS ACCORDINGLY!!!!
It is refreshing to be away from loud mouthed sweating buffoons, fence sitting amnesiacs, selectively un-waivering little men, arrogant foot and mouth sufferers and hopelessly inept local chapters of the Mafiosi.

By and large this country is a beautiful country. There’s something to be said about having a capital city festooned with lush greenery, surrounded by hills and crowing it off with a beach and a courtside seat view of Lake Victoria wind rippled surface.

Some of the observations I’ve made about this country however, make me unsure of whether to be amused or annoyed..
- When you’re in some establishments, like my hotel, try not to be black. Otherwise waiters will ignore you by default and when you forcefully grab one and make an order, you will be required to pay in advance
- At the establishment where I’m rolling out some new infrastructure, there are expatriates for pretty much everything. And I do mean everything. There is as much sense in this as there is singing talent in Jennifer Lopez. I refuse for one second to believe that there are no Ugandans that can do some of those jobs. The costs of all these expats are close to astronomical
- Some of said expats tried (and failed) to hide their amazement upon meeting you, and realizing that what you’re there to do is not to bring them tea, drive them around or sweep. (Note to said expats: don’t bother with those plastic smiles. They don’t fool anyone)

My dad came over in the same flight as myself. We discovered this unexpected coincidence the night before we both left Nairobi. Sat in the same row too, but with a very morose and very bitter gentleman between us.

He's working as a consultant for some construction work at one of, if not, Uganda's biggest hotels. Went to visit the patriarch this morning and he showed me around the place, and what he's up to.

Fact: Sewerage pipes pass just under the ceiling of the main kitchen, and have been doing so for the lifetime of the hotel. That's right, food from the kitchen at that establishment sooner or later passes by the very same room en route to other destinations. No, they were not leaking and they looked sealed and all, but I do not see myself partaking of a meal at that establishment for love or for money. Pops' amused comment of a leak contributing to an altogether different flavour to the fine cuisine sealed the fate of that establishment.

Managed to secure a camera (but no batteries). Hopefully this will be sorted tomorrow

"We want the Karamojong to stop walking naked. We want them to go to school"

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, commenting on a particularly rebellious Ugandan community