Thursday, January 13, 2005

Kenyan Olympic Bid?!

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Either Sports Minister Ochillo Ayacko is the type who hits the ignition before opening the garage door or his office is located downwind from a glue manufacturing plant. Either way, his announcement that Kenya will bid to host the 2016 olympics has had me in stitches all morning. I heard him on BBC radio and he sounded dead serious

Not that it's a bad thing, but there is something called keeping it real, and another called keeping it sane. I'm not sure exactly how many stadia we have in the country, but I know for a fact that , and only one with fully developed track and field facilities and ample sitting capacity is Kasarani. Only God knows where events like the bobsled, indoor cycling, etc are going to be held.

And as for events like rowing, I doubt that the International Olympic committee will think much of Uhuru Park's murky pond as a suitable site, or Nairobi River's unbelievably fetid water!

Also note that the decision of where the 2016 games will be held will be made in 2009, which is a mere 4 years away. Going by NARC's record in getting things off the ground, if they were to continue at their pace we will have all the necessary stadia by exactly 8929 AD

But still, we have nothing if we don't have our dreams....