Monday, January 10, 2005


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I should have known that there was a reason why it was the last seat in the shuttle. However the combination of being slightly late, and the shuttle revving in preparation to drive off had me in there after a Bekele-esque sprint and I took said last seat.

Now, I don't pretend to be at the cutting edge of cologne, perfume and pheromone research but I can bet this month's salary that if one smells powerfully of samosas he is unlikely to have females swooning at his feet. But then again I could be wrong, so correct me if I am. However I know damn sure that if I ran into Halle Berry and she smelled of samosas she would be summarily removed from her pedestal.

This chap was smelling powerfully of samosa. He exuded samosa from his every pore. The smell cascaded off him as if driven by a hurricane. The air was filled with samosa from east to west, north to south, left to right, and coast to coast.

From Kencom to Yaya Center is but a hop skip and jump, but today it seemed like a trans atlantic flight on a propellered plane. Every turn the shuttle made mysteriously saturated the air some more with greasy samosa aroma. I could have sworn my shirt was getting oily, and if my cufflinks where the type to rust, that gentleman's oily atmosphere would have prevented any such calamity.

I got off feeling greasy and for some reason, extremely hungry....