Thursday, January 06, 2005

Rage Issues

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I'm beginning to think that I have a serious problem. Every time I see a member of parliament, or a city councillor, either on TV or in person, I have an extremely strong urge to kick his spine out of the top of his head and beat him senseless with his own backbone. Water has it's electricity, eyes have their onions, and me I have my MPs. I cannot understand how such dimwitted, unintelligent, myopic, pathological liars can wake up in the morning and look themselves in the mirror. Don't bolts of lightening exist precisely to attend to such issues?

Listen to our worthy Mayor, one Dick Wathika, going on about some altercation with regards to Wakulima Market

Dick: Those traders that we met with were from within the market (Makes encircling gesture with both arms.)
Reporter: Uh huh
Dick: The ones who were complaining were from without the market (Makes mysterious windmill like gesture with both hands)