Wednesday, January 19, 2005


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I'm a fairly easy going kind of chap but one of the few things I cannot stand is to have my intelligence insulted.

The case of one Peter Njeru Ndwiga is such. This schmuck is the Minister for Cooperatives and one of his companies got awarded a tender to supply insurance to Kenya Cooperative Creameries, even when it should have been disqualified on a purely technical and financial basis. And in a show of buffoonish hind licking, KCC is boosting said ministers to the skies by declaring the deal legit, never mind that within a couple of sentences the clowns declare they didn't know the minister's connection. Can you spell DUE DILIGENCE? Food for thought -- if you never do background checks how are you going to avoid Anglo Leasing type deals?

Did I mention that this came within a couple of days of the same Minister being granted a tax waiver by his buddy the finance Minister? Then the schmuck goes on to say that "...there is no conflict of interest in my transactions..."

Pic Of The Day

But they caught me on the sofa? It wasn't me!!
They even caught me on camera! It wasn't me!!

Peter "Shaggy" Ndwiga freestyles for the press


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