Monday, January 24, 2005

Big Brother

I have moved to, and i have also migrated all posts and comments. YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE SO CHANGE YOUR BOOKMARLS/BLOGROLLS ACCORDINGLY!!!!
I'm beginning to feel that there are some laws in force that actually make no sense in a civilized society that prides itself on its ethic of freedom (of choice). Your freedom ends where mine beings, and as long as you don't interfere with my own freedom directly or indirectly, why should I bother with yours?

  • I have still yet to find someone who can explain to me why is it that prostitution is illegal and fornication and adultery are not. Such hypocrisy is positively laughable, because in all three cases there are willing people offering a service and willing takers to receive the same. Whether money, a steak dinner, jewellery or nothing at all is given in return for aforementioned service is a moot point! And criminalizing them all again is a laugable step because the very notion of legislating morality is ludicrous!
  • Why is the Government dictating to me what I can and cannot watch? I heard in today's news in the morning that the Film Censorship Board Of Kenya will be clamping down on pornography in the country. First of all, not only is this as futile as getting Kibaki to act on anything, it is also laughable because those who have the privilege on MNET can watch unbelievably smutty movies in the wee hours of the night. Again I say, such hypocrisy is laughable.
  • Why is Attorney General 'Smiling' Amos Wako telling me that he will not prosecute anyone under the Criminal Libel laws and yet continue to keep the same in the statutes? I refuse to trust my rights to the benevolence of the particular holder of the office! What if a vengeful ass is the next Attorney General? Then what?
  • Why is it that if I run any business of any kind, I must have the current President's mug staring down from a photo frame on the wall, scaring away small children and animals? What value does this photo exactly add to the business, and what does it prove? That I know who my president is? That I am a Kenyan? Or is it supposed to be some good luck omen?

  • Let' have some takers!

    For those of us who have graduated to books without pictures, I highly recommend Plato's The Republic if you want to get them brain cells jogging

    Karma is ...
    Saturday: Drinks with amazingly scary, foul mouthed, arrogant Kenyan males with the the IQ of a granite and the charm of a hyena (mnajijua!)
    Sunday: Drink with amazingly pretty, intelligent, witty and charming female

    I'm beginning to suspect that there's something in this talk of "afterlife!" Bad things are evened out by the good!