Thursday, August 18, 2005

A WTF Moment

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When it comes to heartbreaking stories, the news yesterday was on a roll.

The first was of a stepfather who had raped his young stepdaughter. The mother promptly took the matter to court after seeing her daughter to hospital but to her amazement her reception at home was that of an outcast. Her relatives objected to her presence and after failing to convince her to drop the case, threw her out.

While I was trying to swallow the lump of my throat another one came. This time a neighbourhood idler sexually assaulted a small boy. The said small boy was shown on TV walking with great difficulty. As I'm struggling to digest this the bombshell dropped -- the man was to be released on bail and promptly return to his old haunts and his boyz.

The biggest WTF moment was when it was drawn to my attention that when it comes to being an ass, Kenyan law stands head and shoulders above all others. We won't go into assaults before policemen or shooting others and being released after you apologize. Those are chump change compared to this revelation that I heard from a lawyer:

Sexually assaulting a minor is a bailable offence.

The poor boy's mother could not believe it, and very emotionally made it quite plain that if she was not going to get justice, she was going to kill him herself.

Not having gotten to the stage of my life when many little voices address me as "daddy" I cannot pretend to even remotely comprehend what was going through the mother's mind. I cannot even start to imagine it, nor do I want to. But I feel very confident that if I were in her shoes the only action to be taken is just one:

I will personally hunt him down and break his fucking neck.

Screw the law, screw due process and screw his human rights. Anyone who assaults innocent, defenceless children automatically forfeits any human rights he may have had (seeing as he is barely human to begin with).

This by the way extends to any Michael Jackson-esque characters, fully grown men who have other people's children in their beds. You have no business being in bed with other people's children! Much as I am a fan of MJ's music the instant I heard the man took other people's children to bed he was already guilty.

The Nairobi Women's Hospital in Hurlingham, that treats victims of sexual violence needs your help to continue its operations. Some of its sponsors are pulling out and the hospital needs your support to keep treating those of us unfortunate enough to suffer sexual violence. Do what you can to support these selfless people in this very noble cause.

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