Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Chocolate Teapots

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What was Kenya's leadership doing instead of standing shoulder to shoulder with the still tearful, still traumatized Kenyan victims of the August 7 bombing?

Blowing hot air from their considerably large blow holes about some nonsense visa.

NOT ONE government official showed up at the commemoration ceremony.

Public money that will be wasted filing court cases in the defence of large sweaty gentlemen with a penchant for falling in bathrooms and shopping at Harrods I feel would be better spent getting treatment for some of the victims that still bear the trauma today.

I work hard from 8:30 to 5:00 and at times up to 7:00 so that my hard earned money will be deducted for people masquerading as leaders to get their grubby hands on my hard earned cash to waste it on spurious expenses like challenging decisions sovereign states have a right to make rather than improving the lot of our people.

Why oh why are we cursed with these self seeking, utterly selfish Gadarene swine?

I for one would not shed a tear if every one of our MPs emulated the Gadarene swine and run off a cliff. Our leadership, ladies and gentlemen, is a chocolate teapot -- utterly useless!

Michael Andrews - Mad World