Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm Back

I have moved to, and i have also migrated all posts and comments. YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE SO CHANGE YOUR BOOKMARLS/BLOGROLLS ACCORDINGLY!!!!
Finally, M has returned to Nairobi.

I must confess that when I actually set foot on these hallowed soils for a second there I thought I had boarded the wrong transport and was alighting at the North Pole. After the sunny warmth of Kampala I discovered that it was possible for your goosebumps to get their own goosebumps.

The transition of having my laundry, sheets and other odds and ends done by Shirley to rolling up my own sleeves to do them myself takes some getting used to. Living off your boss's pocket does little to encourage restraint OR initiative :)

A month out of the scene is lots of time for things to have changed. Off the top of my head
  • Metro Shuttle is definitely history
  • KCB have completed painting one side of their HQ
  • Yaya Center have completed renovating their entrance and have done such a good job it was 5 minutes before I found the dang door
  • There are about 1 million City Hoppas on the road
  • Bank balance. I have not spent any of my last salary ;)
Some things, inevitably, do not change. Politicians for instance are nothing remotely like fine wine and do not grow finer with age. They are in fact a lot more like dingy brews that fester and rot with age. They are that much more asinine and halfwitted than they were when I left them.

I have some 450 office emails awaiting me, including pressing and urgent correspondence from the widows of
  • Sani Abacha
  • Daniel Moi (Despite the fact that she's passed away. Afterlife?)
  • Joseph Estrada
  • Frederick Chiluba
  • Jerry Rawlings
  • Jacob Zuma
  • Mobuto Seseseko
These good ladies are in desperate need of my help in accessing certain monies that their husbands spirited away and have reached out to me for some help, offering me a handsome cut of the same. I am flattered and humbled.

Spent the weekend at the theatre cashing in movie offers. (For something my memory is almost elephantine). I'm watching movies everyone and their uncle has already watched, but its all good. Granted I'm watching these movies so late they are practically in the same age group as TCM Movies but hey -- in Kampala there are tons of other things to do than go for a movie! So I watched the 3 of them in a concentrated burst.

Fantastic 4
I'm still making up my mind whether I liked it or no. But I liked the exchanges between The Thing and the Human Torch. I especially liked this:

It can only boost revenue by orders of magnitude.

Mr And Mrs Smith

The final shoot-out was impossibly fake but I liked it. Again the exchanges between the two carried the movie. And it is clear why Jennifer Anniston think they do a lot more than pat each other down.

Batman Begins
Being a die-hard fan of the genre, I ate it up like MPs eat up free samosas. Tres cool! And I have GOTS to get me one of these:

Q: How does green grass greet brown grass?
A: Hey!

All those people who owe me lunch/ice cream/money etc be on notice!

Mashifta - Pesa Pombe Siasa Na Wanawake