Thursday, August 11, 2005

Christopher's Limerick

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Duly inspired my Mshairi and Mental, I have to stand up and be counted

There once was a chap named Christopher,
who filled a good deal of a sofa.
Who one day was told,
put your plans on hold
if you want to travel to Britain.

Increase that day did his sweating,
as he sat there sullenly regretting,
saying sadly to himself,
"Oh how I am unlucky,
not to buy a new rubber ducky"

Christopher thought it was a disaster,
that Kenyans were rolling in laughter,
singing "rub-a-dub dub,
you fell in a tub,
and now your body is a bump"

And enter Mwakwere the Minister,
looking disjointed, shifty and sinister,
who created a whole mess,
on the strength of an SMS,
that hostages in Iraq where freed.

He opened his mouth and let loose,
and put his neck straight in a noose,
and left no doubt,
that he really knows nought,
when it comes down to diplomacy.

So Christopher assembled his lawyers,
and said to us all "Look before ya,
I'm really as sure, as I know my manure,
that very soon, I hope, I'll be off to Europe
And run my ministry remotely"

Beverly Craven - Promise Me