Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Githongo & Kibaki

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I don't have the words to describe the frustration I have with this Government and it's determination to loot it's people's hard earned sweat. Githongo once said only two things would make him resign -- Kibaki directly condoning corruption or Kibaki not supporting him in his crusade. Whichever one came to pass I don't know but am extremely pissed off with our lethargic president and his gluttonous ministers. What will it take for this fossil to see that he needs to act now and smash this network, whether or not his friends are in it or not? We're tired of this bullshit about corruption not going away overnight, taking time, needing institutions,etc. We've listened to that tripe for 2 years which are 2 years too many. I for one am not going to take his and his ministers nonsense lying down. I'm planning to put together a small campaign of sorts.
Details Later.

And as for the donors I strongly advise them to keep their money and find more useful things to do with it. Start a button hole factory. Start a chocolate hot water bottle. No sense giving it as aid because it will be pocketed by gluttons and the common man will never get to see it anyway.

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