Monday, February 07, 2005

Kenya Damu

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The success of Ben Ayimba and the lads at the sevens tournament filled me with pride. That was just GOOD STUFF!! Granted the performance has been fluctuating but I dare say next to athletics our Sevens teams has been one of our most successful sports ventures.

I'm also reminded of the good old days of dabbling in the game, in the capacity of the second row, first jumper. For those unschooled in the specifics, the jumper is the dude who stands between very beefy characters and is lifted by his shorts skywards to catch the ball during line outs. The only problem with this particular position manifested itself after you had caught the ball, descended back to earth and passed it onto your team mates. After that myself and my opposite number would invariably follow the same routine, which was to fish our shorts out of nether regions, and run uncomfortably into battle. Why, you ask? Just picture yourself being lifted into the air by your shorts alone and the effects of gravity trying to bring you back to earth while strong men try to keep you in the air using your shorts! If my sons are deformed I'll know why.

The morning after each game the 15 of us would be easy to spot. There was an excellent chance of bloody knees and elbows, as well as the regulation grass burns. Something one quickly and painfully learns is that bloody knees and trousers do not a good match make. Blood tends to have an excellent affinity for trouser, and parting the two occasionally had one hitting the higher notes of the octave. This plus the bruises from being trampled over and the mini cuts from having studs grinding into your person made us frequent and permanent addicts of deep heat and aspirin. The body long gave up trying to patch its own knees and as a result impressively smooth scar tissue is still with me to this day

But in the heat of the moment, in the adrenaline rush as you suicidally ran straight into a pack of 5 beefy men with every intent to break you in half, the exhilaration was worth every last bruise! Sigh! To go back in time to the good old days.....

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