Thursday, February 03, 2005

Feet of Clay? NOT!

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My main man Sir Edward Clay was at it again, kicking the backs of well filled Government trouser ass again. Edward Clay has precisely the attitude we Kenyans should have about our own country. We should totally refuse to accept rhetoric about fighting corruption and having our intelligence insulted by goggle eyed fat cats who call press conferences and tell us that there are "machinations by powerful enemies to spoil my name" when their fat fingers are clearly dipping into the till.

We should loudly and soundly and resoundingly protest the farce that is a Minister hooking up one of his boys with a tax waiver and then claim everything was in order, and at the same time denying the same waiver to thousands of other exporters, all the while the Head of State is languishing on his fence at State House, as ever, never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity. I cannot understand how Kibaki is not seeing that the antics of his increasingly impudent ministers is costing him in every front, locally, regionally and globally. It has gotten to a point where I am saddened to say that I no longer take my President or his Government seriously.

It is a completely misguided sense of patriotism to castigate Edward Clay. The truth is the truth is the truth. It does not matter where it comes from, and arguments about the appropriateness of his comments as a diplomat are totally moot. Kenyans are intelligent enough to laugh away puny defences such as those offered by the Foreign Affairs Minister and the Vice President.

What patriotic Kenyans should do is stop being so accepting of all the nonsense we are subjected to and take these fat cats to task. We should refuse to be lied to. We should refuse to be insulted by leaders with the moral code of alley cats. We should speak out against all these injustices, deceptions and frauds. For all it takes for evil to prosper is good men and women to do nothing

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