Tuesday, February 01, 2005


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Mirth would be the most appropriate reaction to the just concluded KANU elections, with a sprinkling of puzzlement

- Anthony "Terminator" Kimetto, with his Buffalo haircut descending on a hapless Secretary General Julius Sunkuli with kicks and a mahogany chair
- Secretary General Julius Sunkuli's timeless quote "I felt like I had been hit by lightning" after being kicked in the cojones by Kimetto
- Dalmas Otieno, Mutula Kilonzo and Chris Okemo pulling a fast one on Nicholas Biwott and defecting the night before
- All 3 feet of the Total Man rushing up and down in Kasarani
- Elections starting 11 hours behind schedule
- Dalmas Otieno's delegates theatrically outraged with him for switching sides without so much as a "by your leave"

Why did Biwott run for the chairman post at all? There is no way in hell he would have been good for the party, and I'm sure he knew this too
Conspiracy Theories
1) Sponsorship by Moi and the "owners" of KANU To discourage anyone else from giving Uhuru a run for his money
2) Sponsorship by Kibaki's Boys to make sure that KANU had no hope in hell of being a credible opposition
3) Knowing that without Moi or a party position he was pretty much just another 3 foot tall dude. He has an inherent need to call shots somewhere or the other

Prospective Chairman Nicholas Biwott ignores the cretin who has just asked him to stand up.
"I'm already standing!" an annoyed Biwott mumbles to himself

What is I listenin to? Raggio Di Luna - Comanchero