Thursday, February 17, 2005


I have moved to, and i have also migrated all posts and comments. YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE SO CHANGE YOUR BOOKMARLS/BLOGROLLS ACCORDINGLY!!!!
All right, all right, all right. I've had about enough of having my inbox cluttered with nonsense messages like these:

Little Hugh Jass is suffering from cancer of the rectum. He also has hay fever, malarial fever, swine fever and jungle fever. He has foot and mouth, mouth and foot, head, shoulder knees and toes. In addition he also has colic, arthritis and parkinson's disease. And to make a bad situation worse, his bottom is fused together and he desperately needs an operation to unblock his plumbing and fix all his issues.

Microsoft, General Motors, Ford and Oracle are companies with a lot of time on their hands. Instead of donating 10 million dollars directly to Little Hugh Jass and his family, they are going to waste considerable amounts of their (and your) time and resources tracking a single email as it is forwarded to 10 million people. How exactly they are going to track this email is something that will be discovered later.

Please affix your name to the bottom of this petition and forward it to 10 other schmucks so that 10 dollars will be donated to this noble cause for each jackass that actually receives this mail, adds his hoof prints at the bottom and forwards it to another set of chumps

(1) Bull Schyte
(2) Ign'ant Chap
(1,345,322) Half Wit
(1,345,323) Nit Wit
(1,345,324) E. Dyott

Please, if you want to keep the friends you have, resist the urge to clutter our already limited bandwidth with this nonsense!


New Internal Security Minister John Michuki is blissfully unaware that new Transport Minister Chris Murungaru is visualizing him being eaten alive by carnivorous smurfs

Run DMC - It's Like That